Deeply Spaced Out

It's a running joke...oh, never mind...

NAHTMMM nahtmmm
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Hahaha YES
I came upon a page mimicking various authors, with the conceit that they're ordering breakfast in a diner. I was shocked and then quite tickled to see a certain name midway down the list . . . but I don't think he ever used "perfectly complemented", not even when characters spent half a page pairing booze with food. That's modern, banal, soulless marketer cliche. The actual order is pretty spot-on, though. I actually just finished reading Mossflower to KJ last night and got well started on The Moonstone.

The baby has started to reach for our faces. He's getting better at not spitting up, and sitting up, and standing up with help, but he hasn't figured out crawling yet. KJ started training him to sleep in his crib in the other room, but I guess it wasn't going well enough as she's decided to put it off until after we come back from our trip north.


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