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Update baby
The little one is over sixteen pounds and seems to be beginning to teethe. Trying to lick everything in sight, too; regardless of how far away it is, out comes the tongue. Thankfully he's sleeping at night now. Reaching for things is something he's still figuring out. He might be able to crawl if he figures out how to get the legs involved.

He's also putting up with me more, even being interested in what I do (especially if I'm eating), but he's clearly a momma's boy.

Watching him reminds me of how much we take for granted. I see a glass and it's just automatic that I put my hand out like so, and move my fingers like so to clutch it, and then move it to my face like so to drink from it. He hasn't really got those concepts yet. He clutches by instinct, he brings a toy to his mouth, he doesn't have the understanding that would tell him how to turn the toy so he can get his tongue on it.

My current watch is not working properly. It just stops functioning for periods of time. If it were the battery about to die, which I've changed the battery within the last year or so so it isn't, then the seconds hand would still twitch. Target still sells this model, so I'll probably buy another one just like it.

Weather has suddenly cooled down. Hopefully I can get some yard work done this week. I've allowed a few weedy plants to have their fun this summer, since they bloom nicely, but they're getting too big for their roots so out they go.

My car needs new tires. Fortunately a savings bond has matured just in time to cover most of the cost. KJ's talking about finding a scrapyard to buy tires from, since she doesn't expect my car to last more than another few years. Hopefully it keeps going longer than that, but who knows?


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