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Baby update
He's over 12 pounds now, and healthy. Unfortunately he's decided sleeping is a scary thing, so whenever he gets tired during the day he usually just gets crabby. He also isn't too happy about being held by me. I'm not entertaining or soft enough or something unless I'm walking him back and forth, face forward so he can see where he's going. He's a little grabby, but he hasn't really put together the idea of seeing a thing and actually grabbing it yet. He also has the idea he's supposed to be able to do something with his arms and legs, but he hasn't figured out crawling yet either.

KJ started back to work last week, so he's been going to the daycare my increased pay is allowing us to afford. He seems to be doing well there.

Terran is back up now, that's nice.

Work continues to be challenging, but hopefully I'll be properly on top of things at this point.
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What is the baby's name?


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