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NAHTMMM nahtmmm
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We went to a Renaissance fair a couple of Sundays ago. The weather was nice and we had a good time, mainly watching several bands and a very entertaining escape artist show, Judas and Marigold. There was a fair bit of pirateness going on.

Only eight trick-or-treaters this year, in a grand total of three groups. The church down the road held what looked like a well-attended trunk-or-treat, maybe that drew more people than last year. Maybe several families moved out. Who can say?

The baby is over 19 pounds now. KJ started feeding him baby food last week, and he took to it immediately. After all the mornings he's watched me eat breakfast, he should know what to do!

I feel a little behind on Christmas shopping. I only found KJ a gift today, and with a pot for Mom that leaves . . . everyone else still to figure out.
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