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A Long-Expected Update
So a fair bit has happened since the last time I updated here. Not necessarily in order of importance:

Christmas was a good time with KJ's folks. I gave KJ a pair of fancy decks so we can play 2500 in style. Zane is no longer allowed out of KJ's sight and off-leash when not fenced in. Also, KJ told her mom when I wasn't there. Shaaame.

Mom and Dad put Penny to sleep shortly after Christmas. There was just no personality there anymore; all she did was restlessly walk in circles and bump into things. I'd pick her up and try to hug her or pet her, and thirty seconds later she'd want back down on the floor. Mom took it very hard. She's said many times before, basically from the start, that Penny would be their last dog. Having moved out years ago and having seen all my efforts to interact with her return no signs of interest, it didn't hit me as hard; she was already effectively gone for me in all but life signs. They visited us within a week, and we took Mom out for crafts and books and ice cream. Mom broke down at one point interacting with Pooky, because Pooky reminded her of the time we were all living together and Pooky and Penny were so entertaining, but she really likes Pooky regardless. Every visit, she makes sure to find Pooky and make over her.

KJ's thing is going smoothly enough. The stress is starting to tell, but that was going to happen sooner or later.

We have reached April safely. Objectively it doesn't mean we're out of the woods, but it does relieve me.

I've finally started a more "serious" blog over here. Right now it's mainly my Doctor Who reviews and a few goofy "Top X" lists. I have plans for expansion, but I always have plans and usually don't do much with them, so who knows how much will actually come into being. I am hopeful, though, that this can be the means through which some of my old plans can be given a chance.

Oh, I haven't mentioned I finally finished and published my crazy project. I'll post that here soon, behind friends-lock because seriously.


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