Deeply Spaced Out

It's a running joke...oh, never mind...

NAHTMMM nahtmmm
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The needle, she is definitely twitching
Looks like we're committed.

JCPenney has a sale this week, and sent us coupons, and KJ has been wanting a guest set of towels for a while, so I said hey let's go over and see. So we went and saw and got a set in a blue that goes well with our bathroom. She asked my opinion on a plain dull blue shower curtain and of course I said no, we have a cheery curtain in polka dots already. But it doesn't match the bathroom, because it has green in it. I countered that if everything in the bathroom were all blue we couldn't find anything, and anyhow the curtain matches the house because the house is mainly done in blues and greens. And whites.

This is as serious as our disagreements typically get.

Anyway, she also ordered a new garbage can for the kitchen that the dogs won't be able to get into. And by dogs I mean Zane, who nosed open the current one yesterday and probably swallowed a chicken bone. It doesn't seem to have affected him so far, but we're keeping a weather eye on him.

I was going to do a "big" "publicity campaign" for the big project, which I think will roll out later this month, but I suspect that I would be the only one appropriately entertained by it. I might just put it off a few days. I am pumped though.


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