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NAHTMMM nahtmmm
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User Number: 2759929
Date Created:Apr 7 2004
Number of Posts: z * G^π

A mysterious, amorphous figure, NAHTMMM lives in the wild environs of his own little world. When a split personality, he likes to hang out in Dragonsands. He gobbles up pie, milk, in-jokes, and squirmy wormy mana with enthusiasm. Prefers lightning to rapid fireballs; plasma to fusion; classical, oldies, or videogame to pop, rap, or hard metal; and "Home" to pretty much anywhere else.
Strengths: Perfectionism, Inertia, Tact, Prudence, Faith, Logic, Paranoia, The 3 R's, Humor, Insanity, Honor, Flight, Mimicry, +5 to Fire and Cold Resistances, Of Idiot and Advertisement Slaying
Weaknesses: Perfectionism, Inertia, Poor Visual Art, Sloppy, Can't Swim, Allergies (Airborne), Unoriginality, Impaired Killer Instinct, No Verbal Stamina, Poor Focus(es), Punster
Special Skills: Of "Running Gag" Slaying, Unfathomable Subtlety, Chess
Evilly Ouchy Math: 4d8 + 8 + Rand[-2,30]
Insanity: MdN + Bob
Meteor: MOMMYYY!
Summon Tribbles: varies
Possessions: Miniature Library, Sports Cards, Marbles, Possession Spell, Three-and-out Possession

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